Top 5 Reasons Why Now is a GREAT Time to Buy a Home

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Buying a Home in Palmer or Wasilla Alaska

Now is the Time to Buy your Home in Palmer or Wasilla Alaska

Why is NOW the best time to buy your Alaska Dream Home in Wasilla or Palmer

Here are our Top 5 Reasons

1) Interest Rates are historically low

Buying now will give you an opportunity to lock-in the lowest mortgage rates in history. According to Freddie Mac, the rate is 3.13% on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, and 2.59% on a 15-year mortgage. (Both numbers are as of June 25.)

For comparison, the rate on a 30-year fixed rate mortgage was 3.72% on January 2. That kind of decline results in a significant drop in your monthly payment.

2) There is less competition to buy a home on the off season

The prime selling season for homes in the Palmer & Wasilla is late May – early Sep. Before May, kids are still in school and they are typically already back in school by Sep. Who wants to buy a new house and move over the winter? YOU DO! Homes listed for sale over the winter have less competition (fewer buyers = a competitive advantage for you)

3) Homes that have sat on the market through the Fall may have wiggle room for a deal

If a home has been listed for over the average number of days on market, the listing becomes stale… Homes that sit on the market through the fall and into the winter are likely overpriced. By the time the seller realizes their home is overpriced, they have missed the largest number of pre-qualified buyers. If you come to the table pre-qualified and sincere about buying, you can likely strike yourself a deal. A good realtor can help negotiate a discount for you as well as get some of your closing costs paid for.

4) People that are keeping their home listed for Sale over the winter really want to sell

Q: Why keep your home listed over the winter? A: Because we really want or need to sell it.
Enough said. Strong wants and needs are excellent motivators. They need or want to sell, you are pre-qualified and are “looking to buy”… Wallah! Now we just have to agree on price and terms via negotiations. Negotiation on your behalf is our strong suit.

5) When you buy a home in the winter you get to see under the hood

If buying a home in Alaska makes you feel uneasy because your worried about heating and septic systems, fear not. Nothing puts demand on these systems like cold weather. If you walk into a house in early winter and it feels cold, it probably only gets worse during the coldest months. If the windows grow frost at 20 degrees F think about what they will do at -10 F. The best time to check the insulation quality on a house is when it is cold outside. Aside from looking at annual heating costs (by month) you can take palpable vital signs like temperature readings and infrared camera photos to see if the house your looking at lacks insulation or has air leaks.

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